An 8-week immersion into the 7 Steps to Manifest Abundance from Your Books

Course begins January 10th

LIVE Calls on Wednesdays at 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern

Spend 8 weeks with Author Abundance Coach Renee Rose diving into abundance mindset for authors. You'll develop your skill at practicing the 7 steps for manifesting abundance from your books:

  • Uncover and clear limiting beliefs, money blocks, and energetic barriers to success
  • Get clear on your goals, clarify your "why's" and make a clear "ask" for your future
  • Learn how to utilize energy to draw sales
  • Tap into your intuition and trust your gut for business decisions and writing
  • Pull in the power of the future you're trying to create now.
  • Do less to receive more and trust in perfect timing
  • How to honor yourself while you trust in the process

Authors will emerge from the 8-week intensive transformed and ready to manifest magic, miracles and money!

Author Abundance Coach Renee Rose on Hitting 7 Figures

I'm Renee Rose, 15-time USA Today Bestselling Romance Author and self-made millionaire. Ten years ago I started writing with a big dream--hitting 7 figures a year from my books. For the past three years, I've hit that goal and I attribute my success to an abundance mindset.

Abundance mindset takes the pain out of authoring. With this course, you'll learn to release the trappings of lack mentality--the comparisonitis, fatigue, writer's block, doubts and fears that can accompany our journey as writers--and invite ease and abundance.

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Course Curriculum Includes:

Don't Just Read the book, immerse yourself for 8 weeks & reap the rewards

Week 1: Introduction, Getting to Know Each Other, Initial Exercises

Week 2: Clear The Deck, Clearing Limitations & money wounds

Week 3: Feed The Fire, Clarify your demand of the universe

Week 4: Bring in the love: How to use love & Gratitude to energize your sales

week 5: Trust your gut, tap into your intuition to guide every aspect of your author business

Week 6: Live it Now, pull in the energy of your future Now

Week 7: Let it Be: Learn when to give your creations space & trust in divine timing

Week 8: Honor Yourself, set boundaries, set yourself up to succeed

Don't just take my word for it, here's what students and book readers had to say:

Picture of Tess Summers
Tess Summers

USA Today Bestselling Author

"I've made more money in the last three weeks than I did in all of 2020!"

picture of Lisa Daily
Lisa Daily
USA Today Bestselling Author

"Within six weeks of reading Write to Riches, I quadrupled my income! Buy this book and change your life.”

Image of Golden Angel
Golden Angel
USA Today Bestselling Author

"My entire life changed when I changed my mindset. Now, I don't just let myself stay open to possibilities, I make it one of my goals to be open to all the possibilities that could come my way."

picture of a vintage camera
Liz Sisco

"The class has improved my ability to sense my energy, the energy around me and of others, and to attract positive outcomes. I find myself shedding energy the way you do and offering silent blessings to people, houses, trees, etc, on my walks."

image of Felicity Brandon
Felicity Brandon
USA Today Bestselling Author

"I learnt more about my beliefs, and what has held me back. Critically, I learnt to trust my intuition, listen to myself and lean into the Universe.

I loved the journaling and the free-writing in our weekly tasks. I adored the meditations. It was great have have a chance to re-read the book AND of course, the sense of community is amazing! Thank you."

Image of Tabitha Black
Tabitha Black
Bestselling Romance Author

"Abundance has changed my life! 

Joining Renee's monthly abundance calls has taken my career (and my entire outlook) to a whole new level.

Write To Riches is full of practical tips to help you gain clarity on what you need and want from your best author life. Whether you're new to manifestation or not, I'm sure that you'll fizz with excitement at all the possibilities of the Universe - as well as learning how to make your dreams come true! "

Image of Theodora Talyor
Theodora Taylor

Amazon Bestselling Author

“Wow, I made the Amazon Top 10 with a romance featuring two main characters of color! But, yeah, totally knew that would happen. Envisioned and attracted it like an abundance boss thanks to Renee’s coaching.” 

image of Molly O'Hare
Molly O’Hare
USA Today Bestselling Author

"With Renee’s help, I recognized and removed blocks I had with success and personal judgment that I didn’t know were holding me back. Once they were gone, I ended up hitting the USA Today Bestseller list."

Valerie Bowman


"The class and book are transformative. It's completely changed my business--more than doubled my monthly income. Pure magic!

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Abundance is Available to Everyone

Find out how to align your energy, clear your blocks and open up to receive all the abundance you desire.

You Dont have to kill yourself working to be abundant. You dont have to do anything. You can receive money just for being you. - Renee Rose